Terms of Service


If any user or visitor wishes to easily gain access to the official website of doubleyourlineguides and make use of its services then every such user or visitor must conduct all their activities at the doubleyourlineguides website in accordance and compliance to the rules listed in this Terms of Use document and by future refined versions of this document that may include new terms or modifications to the already listed one and also by any additional legal terms that may be applicable in such a case.

In face when any visitor or user decides to access the official website of doubleyourlineguides or avail its services they will instantly be held strictly according to the rules and regulations outlines in this file of Terms of Use and also by other legalities that are potentially applicable under any event where online services are being availed from.

If any of the user or visitor fails or ignores any of the listed term or does not comply by it then their permission to access and use the services of doubleyourlineguides will be made limited or in other serious cases completely be restricted. You should also make a note of the fact that all images, pictures and logos that are published on any of the web pages of doubleyourlineguides are done so under strict protection of copyright and trademark laws.

License of Use

When any user or visitor decides to visit the official website of doubleyourlineguides or avail its services and while visiting decides to download it’s content, images or pictures they would only be allowed to do this once and not any more times and even when downloaded the content or images cannot be used for any profit generating businesses and/or commercial reason and any user who is caught in such an act will be set on trial under strictest of laws set forth by doubleyourlineguides in this written piece of Terms of Use. Under the permission license of this document any user or visitor of doubleyourlineguides must not do the following no matter what the circumstances are:

  • Make copies of the content, pictures or materials shown on the official web pages of the doubleyourlineguides,
  • Make use of any of the materials, content or images of doubleyourlineguides for any commercial based purpose or areas where profit is expected,
  • Hide or delete any logos or trademarks signs seen on doubleyourlineguides and then make use of the material for business reasons,


Doubleyourlineguides, its official team and any of its referenced third party companies as seen in the articles blogs published on doubleyourlineguides, under no event can be asked to take responsibility or liability for any damage, destruction or modification to the data in form of digital stealing, theft, misuse or disruption of any kind to some or all of the content published on the official website of doubleyourlineguides. This term will hold true and applicable even if the doubleyourlineguides or any of its members have been informed in verbal or written form.


If ever at any point in time any user or visitor of the official website of doubleyourlineguides locates nay mistake, error or inconsistency in the content, material or pictures which are published on the blogs or articles of doubleyourlineguides than the team members of doubleyourlineguides cannot be held liable because doubleyourlineguides in no way assures complete accuracy of the content.

Third Party Company and Links

Doubleyourlineguides also does not in way commits to proof reading, editing or correcting the content that is published on any of the referenced third party website which may be mentioned or referenced in some or all of the blogs and written pieces of doubleyourlineguides.

Doubleyourlineguides does not ensure complete accuracy of the posted materials and content on any of the third party websites nor does doubleyourlineguides or its officials endorse or receive endorsements
from any of the companies counted under the heading of third part websites.

Modifications to Site Terms of Use

There may be times or events under which the legal team of the doubleyourlineguides may decide upon bringing a huge or minor change to any of these terms of the document of Terms of Use and when this is
done so no announcement or notification will be made. Hence any visitor or user who avails the services of doubleyourlineguides website will have to act in accordance to the latest and updated version of the terms listed in the document of Terms of Use.