Privacy Policy

When the idea for the online project of doubleyourlineguides was put forth, even before developing the content it was made a priority to come up with a legal document stating in detail the legal terms, rules and regulations that will be followed absolutely under every circumstance that involves collection and protection of sensitive and confidential user information.

In the view how crucial, sensitive and important the personal data and potentially personally identifying data of the user it doubleyourlineguide and its team considers it highly important to make all those measures bullet proof which will be implemented when it comes to safeguarding, preserving and protecting information that is personal, confidential or potentially personally identifying of all those individuals who select to visit and avail the services of the official online platform of doubleyourlineguide.

The give beneath bullet points provides a blue print of all the policies, regulations and legal terms that will be observed by doubleyourlineguide to safeguard data that is personal, confidential or potentially personally identifying which is collected from the user when they wish to avail any online services of doubleyourlineguide. It would be prudent to thoroughly read every rule and regulation stated below to stay aware on all the measures that the doubleyourlineguide will adopt to protect your information:

  • There will be events when you choose to visit the website of doubleyourlineguide where you will be asked for your sensitive, confidential and personally identifying data especially when registering for deals, offers and vouchers but before the information is collected each user will be told in detail of all the legal intents and purposes for which a particular set of personal data and the time required to fill that data is being demanded from the user (s) of doubleyourlineguide.
  • The officials working behind the project of doubleyourlineguide will only require and demand the data which is sensitive, personal or potentially personally identifying when there is a legal, logical and coherent reason (s) and will only be utilized in context of those reason (s) all of which will be in detail informed to every user when a specific kind of information is being demanded from them. The data can also be used to cater to any other reasons that may deem fit in a situation but under such condition the doubleyourlineguide will always first seek the consent of the users or would do as the law states.
  • Doubleyourlineguide will only need a specific set of personal or potentially personally identifying data from its users for the time span that it fulfills or serves the reasons and purposes which were told to the user when the specific set of information was being asked for or collected at the time.
  • Doubleyourlineguide will solely demand that specific personal or potentially personally identifying information from its users that is relevant and in logical reasoning with all the purposes and intents for which it was being assembled and once the personal or potentially personally identifying information has been assembled from the user it will be kept and used to the extent that it serves the identified reasons, logic’s and purposes.
  • Doubleyourlineguide however advises all their users that when a certain set of personal or potentially personally identifying data is being asked for, they should only share the information which is correct, valid, up to date and legal.
  • The doubleyourlineguide and its official team upholds its oath of taking responsibility and preserving sensitive, private, confidential and personally identifying data against any kind of digital theft, corruption, loss, misuse and against any unwarranted access by a third entity.
  • Doubleyourlineguide uses the reference of multiple third party companies to support and validate its content and uses many third party companies for the purposes of advertisements on the official pages of the doubleyourlineguide in order to run its applications and softwares. However these third party companies may use tools like web beacons and cookies to seek access to a specific set of user information such as the type of web browser they use, Internet Service Provider and IP address that the user has made use of to access doubleyourlineguide.

The entire group of individuals working behind doubleyourlineguide have dedicated all their hard work, resources and time to conduct their activities strictly and solely in accordance to the legal terms listed in this document and by those which will be adopted to protect sensitive user information.